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Caldwell FAQs

Where is Caldwell, NJ located?  Caldwell is a small town in Essex County, which is northern New Jersey.

What is the population?  The population of Caldwell is approximately 11,000 people.

Who is the Mayor?  Mr. Jemas, who was previously a councilman in Caldwell.

What is the climate like?  Mr. Jemas, who was previously a councilman in Caldwell.

Is there a lot of night life and clubs?  The town of Caldwell only has 3 liquor licenses, West Caldwell has none.  So, nightlife may not be like that of the big city, but you can still enjoy a drink at Martini's, The Cloverleaf Tavern (which is also a great restaurant), and of course The Ringside Pub.  In the Summer, there are concerts and festivals at the West Caldwell Gazebo, check our homepage for other seasonal events.

CaldwellNJ.COM FAQs

Can I list my service or personal homepage here?  Yes. This is your space on the internet, we would like you here and we would love to help the community in a positive manner and bring us all closer together, whether it be from personal perspectives, support groups or businesses. We offer electronic coupons also which will help promote your cause.  This comes at an extremely nominal and affordable rate of $29/month.  Non-profit and houses of worship are listed FREE.

Can I sell products from my (small or large) business from the web?  Yes, and we offer a secure credit card server so that your business is selling globally around the clock every day of the year, with no worries about money being transferred, it is all secure with state of the art technology. This all comes to you with an extensive interactive site for only $25/month.

What if I do not have a computer but still want to advertise?  NO problem.  We will give you print outs of your email and what your website looks like and mail or fax them to you for only $29/month or $299/year.

I have email at work & home, can I get them all in one place instead of having to check two or more addresses each day?  YES. for only $1 a month you can have your email forwared all to one address (,, or We only ask for the $12 for an entire year be paid in advance.

How can I be sure that I am placing my business or personal trust in experienced people?  THIS is the easiest question to answer. We are not teenagers who know a little bit about chat rooms.  We are a small staff comprised of experienced computer-savvy people.  Our parent company has been on the internet for over 3 years and has been making websites for nearly 3 years.  Computers (PC or Mac) are not new to us.... we use state of the art equipment, but have been using computers since the 1980s and know all the trends since then.  We use Java, CGI Scripting, animated .gifs, and all formats of photos and file with high quality scanning with the most current industry software and know how to market you on several domains and a dozen search engines.

Who is CaldwellNJ.COM, who owns it and who are they?  CaldwellNJ.COM is a project of Beechtree Productions and overseen by TIGER Ten Communications.  The staff is less than a dozen who are working hard to make the internet a resourse for you.  We worry more about underdstanding, information, knowledge, marketing and more of a resource for the common folk rather than a business based on dollars.  We offer free webspace to non-profit organizations and those with a just and rightious cause.  We have lived in Caldwell spanning 4 decades, we know the people, love the area and hope to help serve you for the next millenium.

Contact us for more information & how we can serve YOU!

There is always room for improvement... please let us know your thoughts & comments...

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